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September 21, 2018

 Some years ago, I had the most magnificent and huge Edwardian hat in Suffragette colours. It would have been worn by a lady of high society and must have been rare indeed. It went to a museum in the south of England, and I was thrilled for it! As I grew up in the 1950...

August 9, 2018

Have you ever seen a textile design and thought to yourself 'Where have I seen that before'?

Well, this small fragment is a perfect example of 17th Century embroidery, especially in regards to clothing and accessories. If you, like me, endlessly search museum collection...

Book references used in this research:

'Children's Costume in England' Phillis Cunnington & Anne Buck. 1965 A & C Black Ltd.

'English Women's Costume in  the Nineteenth Century' C. Willett Cunnington. Dover Publications. 1937

'Costume in Detail 1730-1930' Nancy Bradfi...

Some of you will have seen this framed embroidery in Poppies Cottage, until I moved it over to Ebay for sale. 

I knew that the embroidery was of exquisite quality, and bought it from a sale of the embroidery collection of Lord Iveagh which was so exceptional, that most...

August 31, 2017

As promised, here are some extra images of the very wide pink quilted silk petticoat selling in Poppies Cottage.

Just for the pleasure of it!

Just to confirm then, the petticoat is being sold with the pleats removed at the top, allowing the silk to remain free of splits.


August 2, 2017


Learning about Dresden work is a journey. First, you see the wonderful design as a whole, noticing the 18th Century motifs applied to recognisable 18th Century clothing accessories. Then you start to marvel at the range of fillings, made by pulling threads...

This is a short Blog to share my recent learning with you. I do love to examine textiles that I haven't seen before, but am also frustrated when I cannot find any research to explain them.

This little beaded and knit cap is so attractive, but I had never seen caps with...

I hope that you have read Part 1 of this blog, and my comparison with Kelly's open robe and Nancy Bradfield's sketches of the same.

Now we come to the sewing required to finish this dress, approximately 220 years after our Georgian lady left it.

The sewing is not difficu...

December 10, 2016

Highly recommended references used within this article:

  1. '18th Century Embroidery Techniques' Gail Marsh. Guild of Master Craftsmen. 2006

  2. 'The Art of Dress' Jane Ashelford. National Trust 1996

  3. 'Old English Costumes' Harrods/Victoria & Albert Museum. Undated...

November 30, 2016

Well, if you don't know anything about sleeve puffs, this is the time when you will finally KNOW that I am completely obsessed with costume!

They are simple and tough, undyed cotton calico. They are certainly not pretty. They have been 'well used' by the lady who owned...

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