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A pretty, Romantic era lace cap Original ribbons

A pretty, Romantic era lace cap Original ribbons

From the Mary Ireland collection - see Blog

This delightful cap is entirely made of lace, so of course I turned to the Lace Mentor for help. She said: 'I’d say anywhere from c. 1815 – 40. The lace is a Lille type / Midlands'.

So we are talking about the Regency era, through to King William, all encompassing the 'Romantic period' of fashion. As the sides are quite deep, I would say it is more Regency than the later date.

There are lace flounces at the front face, and a double flounce around the cap back.

The bonnet is in excellent condition for age - see below, and has it's original silk ribbons, which are very long indeed!

Looking at the charming cap back of daisy design, I think the cap may have been for an older child. However, it is a full grown lady's size.

It measures 14" around the face. From centre back to side edge is 6" wide.


    The lace appears to have no damage at all. The cap is very gently age discoloured, of no note. The very long silk ribbons are good for age, but 'stretched' as one would accept for a cap that has been tied. Close to the cap edges, there is some darker discolouration, where it has been close to the lady's chin! I strongly advise you NOT to wash it. The silk ribbons are beautifully attached and will not withstand washing.

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