An Abundance of Elegance: Superior 1920's Evening Gown

It is rare for Poppies Cottage to delve into the 'modern' age of the 20th Century, but this mid to late 1920's full length evening gown is made so beautifully, and of such fine fabrics, that it deserves its place here very well.

In the usual slip over style, the gown is made of fine georgette, the front and back panels of which are hand silk embroidered with beads, sequins and 'pearls', and the sides of which are left unadorned to drape loose and flow down the skirt. The entire lining is a wonderful quality fine silk, far superior to the usual 1920's silk, finishing this luxury garment to perfection.

Adding a touch of flamboyance that I have seen before, to one side of the dropped waist are two vivid orange & blue feather plumes, the orange one centred with a diamonte brooch effect, and the blue one having a group of large 'pearls' to match the features on the dress.

Inside the gown, we find a silk covered structural band to ensure that all parts of the draped skirt lie correctly, and the dropped waist is gently swathed as in a soft cumberband, but is integral to the dress construction.

It shimmers & flows, the soft feathers furthering the impression of movement throughout. 

A wonderful piece.

Please see the condition report below, which details the very minor faults.


    Given that this gown is very heavy, the entire garment is in excellent almost antique condition. [Similar dresses are often damaged by the weight of the beads on fine fabric].

    I have not found any bead loss at all, although if you examine closely, there are loose threads - please do not cut them! These are generally lost in the intense decoration.

    One of the lining underarms has an edge stain from perspiration, [see photograph]  but this cannot be seen on wearing.

    There are a few tiny marks on the cream georgette, but now I am being really fussy! The entire dress appears very fresh for age.

    Care advice - never hang these pieces up vertically. They will shatter around the shoulders. Always store flat and the condition will not change due to weight.


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