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Early 19th Century muslin Quaker cap [b]

Early 19th Century muslin Quaker cap [b]

This cap [B] is from the same Quaker family, and provenance will be sent with the sale. A lovely history!

Cap [B] is identical to cap [A], so please read the other description. However, the condition is not quite as good, and it may have been made by another member of the family, or more likely have been used a little more than cap [A].

I say this because although beautifully hand stitched, the join between the cap back and the front band is just a little less perfect. Do read the condition report below. The size is exactly the same as [A]


    As I hope you can see in the images, this cap is very clean indeed, but does have several tiny holes and wear to the exceptionally fine muslin. AS I said above, maybe it was just worn more often than the other. 

    Lovely caps with detailed Quaker family history.

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