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Early 19th Century Quaker muslin cap & history [a]

Early 19th Century Quaker muslin cap & history [a]

This beautifully fine 'plain sewn' Quaker cap is from the same family as the 18th Century one of a similar style, so do read both descritpions.

This one is constructed of the finest muslin throughout, and has single, rather than double, flouncing. It is in exceptionally good condition for age.

I have another, just like this, but not in such good condition. They seem to have classic early Regency features, but with a Quaker 'touch'! For example, the ties are slotted through the muslin extensions at each front side. Very unusual - see the images. 

In a simialr way to the 18th Century linen cap, the cap back is all in one piece, and roomy enough to hold the young lady's long hair. The cap back has more gathering at the upper crown, but still joins onto a wide band that goes all around the front of the head, this time with a single flounce for framing the face. 

As you can see, the flounce side extensions are straight, compared to the curvy one's of the 18th Century.

A lovely, plain sewn & fabulously stitched, Regency Quaker cap.

It measures: Centre back to edge of face band 7". add 1.5" for the face flounce. The front head band measures 17" all around.


    Exceptionally clean and fresh. 

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