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Exceptionally embroidered, drawnthread & lace fichu. Late 1830's to 1840's.

Exceptionally embroidered, drawnthread & lace fichu. Late 1830's to 1840's.

Here is an amazingly hand worked fichu, dating to the late 1830's to 1840's. The embroidery is profuse, tiny and delightful. The drawnthread work intricate. The Kat stitch lace edge, which I think is East Midlands bobbin lace, 2" deep at the lower edge, a treat for the eyes!

At this period, ladies could purchase embroidery patterns to follow in the creation of their accessories. How they could actually see the progress of this tiny, complex work is beyond me!

Note that on my later mannequin with straight shoulders, it looks slightly uneasy, but the fashion of the time, and lady's underpinnings, all promoted the sloping shoulders of the late Romantic Era. For many examples of similar pieces, do see Heather Toomer's 'White Embroidered Costume Accessories, the 1790's to 1840's'. [See Links & Research for full reference]

Not only is there dense embroidery all around the curved lower edges, but charming individual motifs across all the muslin, which is fine and translucent.

A very pretty piece, it measures 38" across the neck edge and 62" to the curved lower edge.

Not perfect, but very good for age, please read the condition report below.


    The main issue with this piece is that the cream muslin is slightly darkened, and there is a trace of yellowing to the back neck edge. All very mild.

    Tiny issues include a small hole to the lower lace edge, a few very tiny holes to the muslin in one area, and each front end has small wear and minor damage. This is common because most ladies held the front ends within a belt.

    All very fine and the damage slight. A breathtaking accessory for the embroidery devotee.

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