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Extraordinary early 18th Century, 32 piece infant collection

Extraordinary early 18th Century, 32 piece infant collection

RESERVED with deposit.

I have written 4 Blog posts to examine and explore this remarkable early 18th Century infant 'layette' [Layette is a mid 19th Century term, but it serves to describe what we have here]. You can find my Blogs on the top bar of the shop home page.

The pieces with lace have been dated to circa 1720-30's, except for one, which is 17th Century, so some pieces could be earlier. 

It is essential to read the Blogs to view the componant parts, and all I will do here is discuss condition. 

Condition is remarkably good, with a few dark stains. The pieces are very strong, being made mostly of Linen or Holland [a linen fabric used widely in the 17th/18th Century.] They could easily be soaked in COLD water if you wish. I have not done so because the colours are very fresh for age. You will find that one head piece has tearing to the embroidered front band. Stitching has come undone to a few little parts, and I think that a few garments may be unfinished, being one layer where there should be two.

Compared with other sets available, this is a comprehensive collection, and so very rare.

The set has come from a family of title, who have dated their provenance back to the 16th Century.

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