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Regency dated bookmark with delicious features!

Regency dated bookmark with delicious features!

Ah! I just love this tiny embroidery so much. This is a bookmark of tiny proportions, just 7" long x 0.5" wide! Within that space are the most delightful selection of objects. 

The bookmark is mounted on it's original handmade pink paper, and has an extra fold over of paper to keep it safe all these years. So the condition is fabulous. It is loosely sewn to the paper so easy to remove if you wish to use it. Otherwise best to keep the paper in place.

So, at the bottom we have the date of 1817 and monogram of M.M. Following these are a cornucopia of flowers, a beadwork rose, more flowers in a range of colours, berries & hearts! All exquisitely hand embroidered. Fabulous!


    Excellent - no issues. Add antique ribbon at one end if you wish.

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