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Set of 14 delightful 1840-50's hand made buttons

Set of 14 delightful 1840-50's hand made buttons

These gorgeous buttons were hand made and embroidered to match an 1840-50's bodice for a crinoline gown, made of ikat-type silk. I know this because someone sadly dismantled the whole bodice and I only have fragments left, one of which you see in the photo's and I will send with the buttons.

They match so perfectly, and the colours are beautiful, the main colour being a duck egg blue.

Victorian buttons such as this did not have a metal loop to attach to the fabric. I have shown the base of one - you need to take your needle into a little of the underside fabric to sew them on.

Having said that, each one of the buttons is delightfully fresh and there are no condition issues to report!

Each button is domed, and looks a little like a miniature cup cake. I could just eat them myself. Don't let your children near them! They measure approximately 0.5".

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