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154 years old & still immaculate Bridal Gown & Hair Net

154 years old & still immaculate Bridal Gown & Hair Net

On the 29th November, 1864, Miss Caroline Dominy walked down the aisle in this dress, and thus became Mrs Caroline Shere. She wore her hair in a fashionable chignon, held in place with the finest silk [or real hair], beaded hair net, also an essential accessory of the decade. 

If Caroline could see her wedding gown and net today, 154 years on, she could re-create her steps just as if time stood still. They are immaculate!

Sadly, I have let her down a little, because not one of my mannequins is the correct size for her tiny form. So I hope you can imagine how she would look when properly fastened up.

I was amazed to find the hair net, almost invisible, the beads attached to the criss cross fine netting in a multitude of colours. It was something I knew nothing of, and had certainly never seen before, but if you have 'English Women's Clothing in the Nineteenth Century' by C. Willett Cunnington, you can read all about the styles of the hair through the 1860's, including false hair attachments, and the 'hair nets, some of bright colours' on pages 244 & 245. [See T