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The Study


Poppies Cottage virtual Department Store has now opened ‘The Study’, where you can take a break from shopping to indulge in your favourite period of history for textiles and costume.


Close your eyes for a few seconds ……..


Poppies Cottage Study has tall walls deeply lined with well read books, curled edge periodicals and fabric samples of muslins, silks, velvets, linens & lace.


Creaking old elmwood chairs that appear to stand with pure gravity, gather invitingly around mahogany tables that shine with the natural age of years of polishing. Brass oil lamps and glass magnifiers invite close inspection.


An old leather button back sofa crackles and gently moans as you sink into it to think of fashions long since gone, skills long since lost and crafts appreciated by only the few.


Put your feet up on the virtual footstool and breathe in the earthly scent of wood, leather, wax, paper and fabrics. Hear the distant hustle and rumble of determined shoppers behind the study door.


Open your eyes and relax…………..


You are now truly inside the Poppies Cottage Department Store!


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