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3 Centuries, 3 Countries? A] George II sampler by Elizabeth Roland

3 Centuries, 3 Countries? A] George II sampler by Elizabeth Roland

A] This lovely sampler came with another [B] and it seems they were both framed [or re-framed] in 1911, because there are lots of sums at the back of the frame, working out how old they are at different times! 

Elizabeth Roland was born shortly after George II took the throne and she was eleven years old when she worked this piece. Given the long reign of George II, she would probably spend most her life knowing nothing else, and it is said that although George II preferred his country of birth Germany, he was 'respected' by his subjects in Britain.

Here, Elizabeth has worked The Lords Prayer in cross stitch, adding a beautiful border of flowers that may be double cross stitch but difficult to tell. 

I love samplers of this period because we see the use of the early 's' as well as the 's' we know today. So, for example, 'trespasses' is spelt as tresfpaffes.

Worked in blue thread, with pink and yellow used in the borders, it is a most attractive piece. 

I have removed it from the frame but as it is not large, can send the frame as well if you wish. Shipping does not include the frame - please ask for a quote, which will not be excessive. It measures approximately 11" x 9".



    For age, I would say that condition is good. There is no damage to the linen apart from a tiny wear hole, but there is thinning to some of the letters, and of course, fading. 

    The piece is darkened around the edges, and so I have taken two photo's using a flash so you can see this clearly.

    I think the samplers were framed by an amateur and possibly not stretched, so there is a little unevenness to the fabric. Mentioned just for accuracy.

    The frame is undamaged and attractive, but as I said above, it probably dates to the late 19th Century or early 20th Century [I do not know anything about dating frames].

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