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3 Centuries, 3 Countries? B] Marie Boulanger's Sampler, French

3 Centuries, 3 Countries? B] Marie Boulanger's Sampler, French

Sold in Poppies Cottage Ebay shop. B] This lovely sampler came with another [A] and it seems they were both framed [or re-framed] in 1911, because there are lots of sums at the back of the frame, working out how old they are at different times!

This one is not something found in the UK often, given that it is written in French, so I wonder why they came together; we will never know. 

Marie Boulanger worked this just one year after George III took the throne in Britain. She was 12 years and three months old at the time, and George III was the grandson of George II so a time of change in her young life. The title of the piece is 'Sunday Prayer', and it is nicely worked with a flower border around the edge.

There are motifs underneath the border at the base, including two heart shaped flower baskets and a tree, but it looks as if one motif is missing [not lost]. Maybe she was eager to have it finished!

Within the frame it measures approximately 10.5 inches by 13.5". It is around the same size as the earlier English sampler and also embroidered in blue, so there does seem to be a link between the two. Maybe they had the same nanny.

Shipping is based on the sampler without the frame but if you would like the frame also, which is attractive and in good condition, just ask for a quote - it will not be too expensive.

I have now removed it from the frame [cracking the plywood back for about 4" in the process] and have a far clearer view of the work. So, so neat at the back of the embroidery, but also showing that the colours are significantly faded. Still perfectly possible to read, in and out of the frame. Please see other condition below.


    Quite good condition for age, it is similar to sampler [A] in that it may not have been stretched professionally when framed, so the fabric is a little 'bumpy'. It would benifit from ironing to the back of the work.

    After removing the frame I have found some gentle wear spots & the embroidery is faded with age. I have consequently reduced the price, but for this great age, a little wear is not unusual at all and it is still, clear to read.

    As mentioned above, I managed to split a short length of the plywood back when loosening the nails, but it can still be used.

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