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3 Centuries, 3 Countries? C] 20th Century Sampler, Dutch?

3 Centuries, 3 Countries? C] 20th Century Sampler, Dutch?

Having worked my own free-style counted thread sampler many years ago, I know how many hours it takes to do even a basic design. 

This piece is unfinished and it breaks my heart that it was abandoned after such intricate & detailed work. It is not old, in fact I am sure 20th Century, but worked with an eye on the 18th Century as well as including some delightful and quirky modern motifs! I am proud to include it in Poppies Cottage Department Store.

A large piece, worked in cross stitch on linen [or linen mix] closely woven fabric, this has not come from a 'sampler pattern'. It is all done with counted thread in small silk stitches.

The predominate colours are blues, greens & browns in a range of hues. Very neat to the back of the work.

I think it may be from Holland, but only because of the windmill and milkmaid with her pails! Quite common Dutch motifs.

In addition, I love the lady walking her dog and the boat/ship with sailors on board. But the best motif must be the horse and carriage, with driver, passengers and footman at the rear.

It is the alphabets that draw on 18th Century design and give the whole piece an air of the past.

Very clean and fresh, the finished edges measure 28 inches wide and approximately 14.5 inches deep. To the unfinished side, the depth is just 7 inches.

There is a large amount of spare fabric at each edge and the two 'raw' edges are bound to neaten. See condition report below please.


    The only negative is that the sampler was framed at some point, and being 20th Century, it was sealed with masking tape! This has left a sticky residue. It will be easy to cut the edges down to completely remove this with plenty of spare fabric left.

    The fabric beyond the border is discoloured, showing that the piece does have some age to it, but again, this is all completely clear of the embroidery.

    Otherwise completely clean and fresh.

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