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An almost matching, Theorem long length, but what is it?

An almost matching, Theorem long length, but what is it?

This very long piece is also Theorem, just like the work bag and cuffs shown next to it in Poppies Cottage.

I am not going to repeat all of the references and description, so please do read the other sale information.

This long length, completely finished as a piece, is far too similar to the bag and matching cuffs to be of a later date. This piece does have small design differences; with red, yellow and blue flowers with green leaves. As they all came together I am reasonably sure they have the same dating.

However, I think that common sense tell us that this long length was altered, possibly in the early Victorian years.

The length is all hand sewn, with a non-piped, silk edge in vibrant green. A far more Victorian colour! It is also fully lined in a green fabric with a distinct sheen. Probably glazed cotton I think. Again, very much of Victorian style.

Was it once a sash? I cannot believe that a Theorem textile so closely matching a lady's bag and cuffs would have been destined for a furnishing purpose. I feel sure it would once have been a ladies accessory. But the squared ends show that it is no longer a sash.

In excellent overall condition, with a rare and beautiful design, I think it can be whatever you want it to be! Hence the separate sale. Obviously if you want the whole set, just let me know and I will adjust the shipping price for you.

References as in the previous description.

The size is 67" long and width approximately 4.75".


    This long length is in very good antique condition, apart from the mild discolouration and age spots as described for the work bag & cuffs set. Please read the other description to be sure.

    No damage at all. The velvet soft and supple.

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