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Circa 1760 - 70's quilted petticoat

Circa 1760 - 70's quilted petticoat

This charming quilted petticoat is not in the best condition, but if you have an 18th Century Open Robe to display, it will look far better with the petticoat. I have had the pleasure of examining many 18th Century petticoats such as this over the years, and it always gives me great joy. The very fine silk is usually pale blue, as is this one, and the layers consist of tiny wool fibres as interlining, and a thin glazed woollen base lining of 'callamanca'.
The quilting, all beautifully worked by hand in silk thread, is not very elaborate but so appealing. Floral designs which change as they meander all across the lower skirt, and a few cheeky flowers that raise their heads above the rest!
Photo's here are restricted, so please email for more before buying, to assess condition.

    The lining is very clean for age and supports the silk very well. The silk is a beautiful sky blue but with faded patches and gentle discolouration. No heavy staining. Sadly, the silk is simply melting away, the quilting helping to keep most area's stable, but the back waist and surround has lost almost all of the silk. I think that at some point the waist has been taken up to preserve the piece. Luckily all by neat hand stitching. Therefore the original waist ties are lost, and have been replaced by a large antique hook & eye. One pocket slit is completely original but has been closed. The other side has been bound for some reason. I cannot tell if the original is still underneah this binding. IF CONDITION IS A CONCERN, PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR A MORE DETAILED REPORT BEFORE YOU BUY.

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