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Delicious & Fussy Lady's Cap, of 1820's -30's

Delicious & Fussy Lady's Cap, of 1820's -30's

Whilst it is always a thrill to examine the finest 18th Century clothing, this type of indoor cap, dating to between the 1820's & 30's, gives me the deepest pleasure!

Worn so close to the mind, and constructed with the hair fashion of the day, how much nearer can we get to the early 19th Century lady? 

So here we are with my 'Heads Up to 2020' theme, the last one for now and hoping to bring a smile!

This cap is made with a lightweight woven check cotton, with muslin flounces. It is very typical of the fabrics used for indoor caps through the Regency period and this marks the end of the period.

Two wonderfully deep flounces surround the face, and to the back, another deep flounce surrounds a circular crown piece. The face flounces extend into elongated under-chin extensions, which lead on to the checked weave matching streamers to fasten.

The main body of the cap is in three sections: First, around the front of the head is a continuous band that is gathered, the front edge meeting the face flounces and the rear end attached to a cutwork embroidered section 2].

Section three is another deeply gathered band with tiny stroked pleats at both ends. This forms the section that holds the lady's long hair, tied up on the head. The gathering expands to accomodate the hairstyle!

As explained earlier, the back of the cap is a circular piece, surrounded by the flounce.

All in lovely condition, there are just a couple of minor issues that you can see below in the condition report.

Very difficult to measure, it sits on Jane's head perfectly, so I can provide her head circumference if you need it [she is human size].


    Super antique condition, the white being very fresh & clean. There is one tiny & gentle spot stain on one flounce. These caps can always be soaked in cold water if you ever want to freshen them.

    There is minor wear to the top of one of the extensions with a small hole. Hidden by the flounces, it would also be very simple to repair.

    Finally, one of the drawstring ties to the centre back neck has become lost within it's casing. 

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