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Early unfinished printed fabric patchwork quilt

Early unfinished printed fabric patchwork quilt

I have written a blog about this piece, so please do read it if you have the time. This is an unfinished hexagonal patchwork quilt, of many printed fabrics. Mostly cottons, but with some linen and early chinz. As I have said in the analysis, I dare not date it beyond late 18th Century to the 1840's, but my instinct is that it is 1820's - 1830's. Such wonderful tiny designs and lovely colours, used in bands to create light and dark hues. In the centre, a single flower resides! To the back of the piece, there is no lining, enabling us to see the beautiful stitching and, more exciting, the original paper templates that remain, showing hand written text on hand made paper. My blog goes into this much further than I have space here. A wonderful early 19th Century piece, measuring a good 46" x 30" approx. So much to discover within it!

    The piece is very good indeed. The colours are of course, slightly faded, but only when one see's the brighter underside. I have found a small hole in one of the little hexagons, and a patch of modest staining, which is almost impossible to see without close examination because of the range of patterns and colours. Washing in the past has caused the ink of the paper text to fade below. You could wash it gently now with full confidence, but would you really want to lose more of the paper templates? I don't think so! Leave it just as it is to enjoy the full history. Very lightweight with so many fabric samples to examine.

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