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Early Victorian indoor cap with hand made lace & embroidery

Early Victorian indoor cap with hand made lace & embroidery

Here is an absolutely charming cap dating from the late 1830's to the 1850's, so early Victorian.

With all the fuss of the period, we have a multitude of lace flouncing together with an embroidered panel [which runs from front to back], and long, lace trimmed 'streamers'. I should tell you that although I have been indulgent with the images, the lady would wear these streamers to the back, so they would flow behind her as she walked around.

I have checked with the Lace Mentor and the lace is Buckinghamshire in it's entirity.

There are three lace flounces around the face, and then a deep one to the back neck to form a bavelot, the muslin here having tiny pintucks as well.

This cap would be for a small lady and is not adjustable. It measures approximately 11" from one side to another and 14" around the face. 

It is in very good condition for age but please read the condition below, for small issues.


    The whole of the muslin is very white, with just a touch of pale discolouration to one side of the back neck. See the relevant image.

    The plain linen ties under her chin are probably later additions.

    You may find a pinspot or two but really, the cap is excellent.

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