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Rare 1829-33 gown Detachable sleeves!

Rare 1829-33 gown Detachable sleeves!

Read my Blog!!! This is the most complex early 19th Century gown I have ever examined and is so rare. A classic of the start of the 1830's 'romantic period, it is the sleeves that take my breath away. Huge, dinner plate short puff sleeves come with detachable long sleeves of the most complex shape. Rare early integral pockets and so much internal detail to make the gown 'work' while being worn by the lady. And, despite the tiny proportions, I am quite sure this is for a lady. No young girl could cope with the weight of the sleeves on the tiny shoulders. I cannot possibly describe it all here, with limited space, so I have written a Blog [see top of home page]. I will include all the wonderous detail there!

    Some of the detail of the condition will be included in my blog, so please read with care. However, I would describe the condition as excellent for age, with minor wear and all original. The fabric colours are so bright and glorious! The construction and needlework are both amazing. I have also prepared an in-depth condition report, with images, so please do contact me if you would like a copy.

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