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Fine 18th Century Half Kerchief of Dresden shadow work

Fine 18th Century Half Kerchief of Dresden shadow work

Some months ago I wrote a Blog about Dresden work and in particular, 'Shadow stitch' which I had found for the first time. Do have a read about it - such an unusual technique.

Now, I have found a half kerchief which is not only based on Shadow stitch with a superb range of fillings, but the family who passed it down through the Centuries also knew about Shadow Stitch, as you can see from the sewn on label! Absoloutely remarkable!

The Dresden embroidery is superb to the centre back corner, being 8.5" deep and such a beautiful, complex design. It then extends within a rich border to the two long sides, 3" deep,  just leaving the top edge finely tucked under to finish.

I have shown in one of the photographs, how the Shadow stitches appear at the top side and then underneath. As I said in the Blog, so much detailed and fine stitching to create a simple slightly padded outline stitch on the exterior. Very effective indeed!

This is a piece of outstanding quality. There are minor issues so please check the condition report below.

The family member dates it to c1740. I cannot promise that is correct unless she knows the family history in detail, but I am quite sure it is mid 18th Century.

It measures 51.5" along the neck edge  and 32.5" along each diagonal.


    The whole piece is in very good condition for age. Very clean, soft white fine muslin. There are some pinspot holes, mostly seen at one of the front sides. The muslin is strong and there is no other damage.

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