Georgian, 18th Century infant stays A rare find

Georgian, 18th Century infant stays A rare find

Please read my Blog about these amazing and tiny stays. I have used Linda Baumgarten 'What Clothes Reveal' to explain their history and most unusual purpose in 18th Century fashion, and the photograph included here is taken from page 40/2011. Such a fabulous book! [See Links & Research for full reference.] This tiny garment is exactly as it should be for the 18th Century and I have only ever found one before. It is not a pretty piece, but a must for the corset collector I would think. The condition report is essential and you will find it below - it is in fair, used condition for the 18th Century, and has faults.A further example can be seen in the Kyoto Institute book 'Fashion; A History from the 18th to the 20th Century', Page 124-5/2005


    These stays are rather discoloured, although there are no stains. I think you may be able to wash them - they were certainly washed in the 18th Century! You do need to consider the baleen though. All the baleen is unbroken. You can see a little of the boning through the small area's where the linen has worn away, the worst of this being to one lower front corner - see pictures.The stays are without ties. I have seen string used before now but I think any antique linen cord looks nicer! The hand finished eyelet holes are all fine. A rare example of 18th Century underwear that holds together strongly but does have wear. Please read this in conjunction with my Blog, which forms part of the descritpion.


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