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'Ladies Penny Gazette' Journal 1832-3 Romantic Era

'Ladies Penny Gazette' Journal 1832-3 Romantic Era

Have you ever wondered what it was like to live in the 'Romantic Era'? Do you confuse your canezou with your pelerine? 

Well, the 'Ladies Penny Gazette' leads you, with great gentility, through from October 1832 to most of the year 1833!

With 432 pages, this superb journal gives you fashion plates, patterns for dressmaking, music scores, poetry, theatricals and so much more.

I simply love it!

Now, I am not a book expert, so my description cannot compare this early publication to other antique books. But in this journal, you can simply lose yourself in the midst of vast gigot sleeves, huge skirts, tiny waists and everything you need to know as a fashionable lady of the time. And your children!

I love the music score entitled: 'Hope Told a Flattering Tale with Six Variations for the Piano Forte' Ahhhh!

A large book, just a treat from start to finish for Romantic Era followers, it measures approx. 11" x 7.5" and is quite heavy, but if I overcharge on shipping I will always refund via Paypal..

Inside the cover, which is quite plain, is a pencil note that says: 'Rare - Plate 7 Missing'.

There is a loose fashion plate tucked inside the front, and the book was purchased also in the 1840's, where a fond dedication is made to a loved one.

This journal provides endless entertainment.

See below for slightly more detailed description of the condition, but again, I am no book expert.

*** Please note that when I purchased this book from a single, vast personal collection, they were rare to find. They have now flooded the market, so I have reflected this is the much reduced price!

  • CONDITION [by a non-expert in books]

    Many pages of the book have gentle discolouration, but nothing to offend. The spine of the hard cover has a slight tear at the base.

    One page I have seen has a small section cut out. 

    As described inside front, one Plate seem to be missing, with an extra loose Plate included. 

    The book is generally sound, but clearly of a great age and well read!

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£61.20Sale Price
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