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RESERVED 'Lady in Mantua' fragment, 17th - early 18th Century

RESERVED 'Lady in Mantua' fragment, 17th - early 18th Century

Ah! A beautiful lady, but is she 17th or early 18th Century? I am not sure.

Worked in tent stitch, the piece has been cut neatly into a perfect circle [perhaps for framing in the past?] but I always wonder why people cut these things. I never cut antique fabrics. EVER! It seems to me like the work of delinquency. I think today we appreciate these very old pieces far more than in previous era's.

The entire backgroud linen has been covered completely with needlework and a glimpse at the back of the work shows just how complex the work is. Wonderful colours, we can see a building with a flag in the far left and the lady is sitting in a meadow surrounded with flowers, trees and leaves.

She holds a flower in her right hand, and she wears a mantua type robe, mainly in blues and reds, the flowing gown showing very wide, draped sleeves. Does she have a kerchief around her neck? A shawl in her lap? 

The lady has very large eyes and ruby red lips. Her facial features, her arms & hands are outlined independently and I cannot tell if the outline stitches are in linen thread. The rest of the work is in wool.

No need to write about the condition. I cannot see any damage and the colours are fresh and clear.

A beautiful lady fragment, measuring approx 5.5" in diameter.

This is one of a large collection of embroideries I am working through, from around the World and different era's. Very exciting!

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