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Magnificent c1750-1760's Court waistcoat SOLD

Magnificent c1750-1760's Court waistcoat SOLD

I have examined many 18th Century waistcoats, and indeed, some with silver braid. But I have never before had the pleasure of examining such a fine braided example as this. Called a 'formal' garment, it would only have been worn for the grandest of occasions, and beautifully demonstrates 'Conspicuous Consumption' through the use of simply fabulous silver braid. This braid is in three parts; a wide floral braid which simply glows in the light as if having a life of it's own, edged to both sides with extremely narrow lace-like braid of silver gimp. [See page 102; 'Seventeenth & Eighteenth Fashion in Detail' V & A pub. for similar 3 part braid of a ladies riding jacket, c1750's] I think that this waistcoat braid is far grander!
All buttons are present and these too, are very fine with an applied silver design to the heads. Three can be found below each of the deeply shaped pocket flaps.
  • Condition report - NOW SOLD

    Duck egg blue silk is faded. The true colour can be seen under the pocket flaps. The outer back of worsted wool has a few scattered moth holes and a few loose seam lengths where it joins the fronts. The lining: all silk sections are good. The fustian main lining is really rather grubby, but the entire piece is without strong stains. Length 31", chest approx 38-40". Very good condition for a mid 18th Century waistcoat.

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