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Make your own mid 18th Century infant cap! Hollie Point insertions.

Make your own mid 18th Century infant cap! Hollie Point insertions.

I just couldn't believe it when I found these two, tiny Hollie Point insertions. Described by Gail Marsh [See Links & Research for book reference] as a 'forgotten art', Hollie Point lace was so complex and difficult that it completely died out at the end of the 18th Century.

I have examined Hollie Point before, almost always worked within 18th Century infant caps and vests. Here, we have two insertions that you can add to your very own 18th Century piece for baby!

They are completely tiny. But within them we can see detailed vases holding flowers. More delightful, we see birds on a sideways view! Star shapes make me wonder if these have a special meaning. Just adorable. Very difficult to photograph the detail.

The piece with the roundel is clearly intended for a baby cap - this type of insertion to the back of a linen infant cap is a typical Georgian shape. The roundel is sewn to the straight length by hand, so with care it could be separated. The other piece is a simple vertical, but with silk ribbon with picot edges sewn as a border. They match!

So tiny, the measurements are approximate because we are talking 10ths of an inch. But the larger piece is approximately 3.75" with the circle being almost 1.5" diameter. The smaller straight length is around 2.5" x 0.75", including the silk border.


    Both are gently age stained but could be soaked in cold water to freshen. There are a couple of minute imperfections of no consequence at all. See photographs.

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