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Mid 18th Century cord quilted [Italian] infant cap - Botanical Pears!

Mid 18th Century cord quilted [Italian] infant cap - Botanical Pears!

This beautifully quilted cap is made exactly as it should be for the 18th Century. It has three panels, one oblong, passing from front to back over the crown, and two side panels. Cord quilting was often re-used for babies, but this one appears to be made especially for the infant, as each panel has a finished motif in it's own right. Gorgeous pears with leaves and smaller fruits branching off. Do take a look at my Blog to come, where I explain the different types of quilting used in the 18th Century, but the book '18th Century Embroidery Techniques' by Gail Marsh contains detailed information. The outer linen is smooth, and the linen lining is also soft, but slightly looser in weave, to enable the difficult quilting to succeed. Tiny, tiny stitches, extraordinary to see!


    This cap is in amazing condition, very fresh and a lovely soft ivory. There are a few tiny area's of discolouration, very soft, and one slightly deeper as shown in the photographs. One tiny dark spot. These caps were made to be washed and I am sure that a gentle soak will remove all discolouration if you wish. Otherwise, it is circa mid 18th Century and in strong and fresh condition. From front to back along the centre panel measures 10.5" and the corded lower edge is 20". Not for a newborn, more likely for an older baby or small child.

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