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Mixing techniques - mid 18th Century quilted baby cap

Mixing techniques - mid 18th Century quilted baby cap

Do read my Blog to find out about the techniques used in this early cap - so much detail has been added. I think it is safe to say it is a Marceilles quilted cap [NOT to be confused with 19th Century Marceilles textiles]. In the 18th Century this means the garment has been cord quilted, very skilled work, with extra added surface work to make it more complex. This cap, made in the early - mid 18th Century manner, delights us with all over florals and, in addition, is treated all over with fine running stitch patterns. The flower heads have tiny holes in the centre, edged with buttonhole stitch. Someone loved their baby! The design was made for the cap, sometimes these caps were cut down from larger pieces, but in this one each design is unique to the three sections of the piece, one of which going from front to back in a rectangle, the two side pieces being shaped around it. Excellent for age and very pretty.


    The cap is in wonderful condition for it's great age. A soft white, with very slight age spots and one tiny darker area [see photo's]. These caps were made for washing so a gentle cold rinse will not harm it if you wish. The only other tiny issue is that one of the ties to gather the edge is lost inside the binding. Fine linen outer and looer woven linen inner. Front to back over the crown measures 11.25" approx and the adjustable lower edge is 23". Not for a newborn, but still a baby/little one. 

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