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Pink Love Hearts! Mid 18th Century deep quilted petticoat

Pink Love Hearts! Mid 18th Century deep quilted petticoat


BLOG just added with extra photographs of this petticoat.

You will know from my blogs that I love 18th Century quilting. But these wonderful quilted petticoats are almost always blue: And I have examined more blue quilted petticoats than I can remember! Not that they are common - all 18th Century textiles are rare to find. But I am quite sure that every Georgian lady of the middle 18th Century that had at least one blue silk petticoat. So when I saw a Georgian pink one, I just had to have it!

Of course I have fallen in love, not only because Georgian pink simply cannot be reproduced, but because, within the most detailed and delightfully varied quilted designs are Pink Hearts! Makes me think of the sweeties I used to buy years ago! Symbols of love were often used for a purpose in the 18th Century, so I think this may be a marriage petticoat.

We can tell that this beauty is one of the earlier one's [they were fashionable from the 1740-70's period], because the later they were made, the less the quilting detail. This one has a most detailed, deep border, then rises up with further patterns almost to the waist.

You can see a variety of quilted petticoats in Nancy Bradfield, pages 24-26, and one shown on page 25 has exactly the same vertical meandering leaf design - but this one is far more detailed overall. The border design is deep, and includes individual enclosed motifs, each one different from the next. This is where we find those hearts - in pairs!

The petticoat is extremely wide at 104". It would have fastened at two side openings that still exist, and these would also have formed the pocket slits. The layers consist of a very fine silk, just as all the petticoats I examine are. Followed by a very light lambswool interlining. Finally, a lovely lining that is made of glazed wool fabric called 'Callamanca'.

The waist is stripped of it's finish and ties. Customers might find this a shame but to me it is an advantage, as most of these petticoats come with many splits due to the heavy waist pleating. This one has a tiny split to the waist and otherwise no splitting at all! Amazing. You could quite easily restore the waist, which is very simple. But I like it in it's flat state and it will last far longer like this.

However, there are minor faults, so please read the condition report below and view the photographs. The bodice you see will be added to Poppies Cottage tomorrow and is not part of this sale.


    Apart from the waist removal. there are other faults as follows:

    * The hemline is still present, but has worn completely at the bottom fold. Easy to trun over and re-hem if you wish.

    * There are two area's of insect damage [antique insects!] with darkened silk around them. These are small in comaprison to the very large piece.

    * In addition there are a few scatterings of pinspot holes toward the upper part of the piece.

    * There are a couple of subtle vertical 'stripes' of fading, but the overall impression is of bright, vivid pink.

    With a length of 37" and width of 104", I would describe it as very good condition for age.

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