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Profusely embroidered pelerine, c1825-35

Profusely embroidered pelerine, c1825-35

The Mary Ireland collection - See Blog.

[Please note that the bonnet is now sold.]

This lovely, single layer pelerine is beautifully and finely embroidered with fillings to some parts. It dates to c1825 - 35, when sleeves were widest. I have added an image of a dress that sold at Poppies Cottage a few months ago, to show how very wide shoulders became during this period. This pelerine would have been the ideal accessory for it.

The leaf shaped motifs show the tiny scalloped edges  that also were typical of the period.

I cannot find a single fault with it, apart from the most gentle age spots here and there. No-one could possibly fault it!

The pelerine centre front is 9" deep. Centre back 12". The softly squared back width is approx. 33". Each shoulder measures 16"! Wow!

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