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Rare 1790-1810 teenage girl's dress with open back!

Rare 1790-1810 teenage girl's dress with open back!

It is essential that you read The Blog about this charming garment, which was sold with incorrect provenance [since lost]. This is actually quite a rare piece, being made for a teenager and completely open at the back skirt, as if for an infant or small child! No modesty for this young woman!

I hope that the Blog demonstrates, with the use of research, that the adorable tamboured all over embroidery design indicates that it is probably of the earlier date than the later, and that some very special features, such as the use of buttons at the shoulders, give us something here that is very hard to find.

The gown measures 40" from the very low back neck to ankle length, and the chest width, that can be gathered in all around, measures 31" before gathering.

Lots of detailed description of every aspect, and further images, can be found in the Blog. The Blog is at the furthest header of the Home Page of Poppies Cottage.


Please see the condition below, which is mostly excellent.


    Really excellent for age.

    Minor issues:

    * One end of the neck gathering tie is lost within the casing.

    * The bodice high waist ties work very well.

    * There are very small wear area's which have formed a few tiny holes. A few expert and original darns.

    * There are a very few age spots, of really no consequence, but this dress can be rinsed in cold water if you wish. The fabric looks quite dark in the photo's but this is poor light. It is actually a beautiful soft white/pale cream. I would not wash it at all.

    * One of the lovely hand made shoulder buttons is worn to the steel inner circle. The other [as well as the tamboured button] is very good.

    A truly fascinating piece in excellent antique condition.


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