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Rare 1780's-90's silk embroidered gown in transition

Rare 1780's-90's silk embroidered gown in transition

It is essential to read my two part blog about this gown, which has not been touched in my opinion, since the 1790's. However, it was in the process of being altered and sewing is required.

The silk, self stripe fabric, is hand embroidered all over with tiny flowers in glorious colours, still very vibrant. There are no weak spots, splits or holes. But there is staining so read the condition report below.

I would describe the fabric as good for it's 220 years of age!

I believe that the gown was being altered from an open robe to a round gown, and it is rare to find. The transition period from the late 18th Century to the early 19th Century seems to be more rare than earlier 18th Century gowns and this price, for some simple sewing, is remarkable for such an item. But you will need simple hand stitching skills. A sewing machine should never go near it!

The gown fastens with corset ties [missing] to the centre front bodice, the hand made eyelets still perfect. The silk bodice above them would simply have been pinned.

The voluminous skirt has a single pocket slit, and is gently rouded at the hem.

  • Condition:

    Please note that this condition report must be read in conjunction with the two part blog. There is no space here to explain the alteration in process and the sewing required. However, I do have a small ball of antique sewing thread that I can send for the skirt seam, that I will send with the garment and extra pieces. You will need silk thread [or similar] for the shoulders.

    The main purpose of this condition report is to explain the staining. 

    There is a quite large stain to the skirt side which is obvious but not deep. Throughout the fabric there is very gentle staining which is hard to see and not an issue for a garment of this age. There is also underarm staining, of a 'shadow' nature to the outer silk, but more obvious on the lining. Not severe and hidden when the dress is shown on a mannequin.

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