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Smallest embroidery ever? Regency linen indoor cap

Smallest embroidery ever? Regency linen indoor cap

This charming Regency cap has a line of embroidery which is amongst the smallest I have ever seen! Just tiny and adorable. Made of fine linen and of the typical shape of the era 1800-1830. I suspect the earlier years. Not big enough for a lady's head today, it may have been made for a child to wear, but it is always difficult to judge because people were generally so much smaller then. Two flounces of fine lace add a romantic touch around the face. 13" around the face, and 6.5" from centre front to crown top. One set of back ties to adjust.
  • Condition

    The cap is in good condition for age but does have underlying discolouration to the good cream colour. Nothing detrimental. Look closely at the photo's and you will see a few tiny, tiny splits to the very lightweight linen crown. You will want it for the embroidery!

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