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So romantic, c1825-30 needlerun lace over skirt & matching sleeves

So romantic, c1825-30 needlerun lace over skirt & matching sleeves

This oh-so pretty flounced skirt panel with matching large gigot sleeves are rare to find and date to the circa George lV period. More precisely, around the mid 1820's and not later than 1830, I think.

The profuse floral decoration all over the net is completely hand worked and must have taken so long to complete over such a vast area. The prettiness of the design catches one's breath; so lively and youthful.

I imagine they were intended for an overdress but could equally have been used as an integral part of the main garment. 

As I hope you can see, the florals become dense to the lower skirt, making a border and then followed by a fuller flounce section. 

The sleeves are very wide at the tops, graduating to narrow wrists. I hope you can see that these needlerun pieces were made especially for the dress. The lace design on each of the sleeves follow the cut of each piece.

The skirt panel is 34" long by 79" wide, with a join all ready to apply to the gown. The sleeves are tack-hemmed and are an amazing 26" long, in the Regency style. 

I think they were probably removed from the gown, because there are minor faults. Nevertheless, the pieces appear so fresh at the edges so I may be wrong; there is no evidence of partly removed stitches.

Utterly charming.

Please see the condition report below.


    I would describe all three pieces in the set as being in very good condition. There are some very small darns, really difficult to spot, and I found a tiny hole which is undarned.

    The pieces are a slightly darkened but pleasant cream and a there are a number of area's more age darkened. It would be simple to give the pieces a gentle cold soak but in my opinion, this is completely unnecessary.

    I think they are all just lovely as they are now.

    The images should help you to see the minor faults described here.

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