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The Gorgeous Gigot: Late Regency fine muslin bodice

The Gorgeous Gigot: Late Regency fine muslin bodice

This is a gorgeous, gigot sleeved, late Regency bodice, dating to circa 1825-29. You can see the same style in Bradfield, Pages 135-42/1968. [See Links and Research for full reference].

The bodice is constructed of such fine muslin it is remarkable that it has survived these centuries. It is almost transparent. As a bonus, it is pure white.

The sleeves are profusely gathered at the shoulders and drape sharply down to narrow cuffs. Overlong, of course, which makes this period so charming.

The design is pure and simple, with tucks in a v-shape at the front and back bodice. Each tuck has a row of very fine piping above it, and of course the hand stitching is a delight.

This tucking is repeated at the sleeve wrists, again in a v-shaped section.

The back bodice fastens with hand made linen buttons, with beautiful tiny sewn centres that look like flower heads to my [not -so -good] eyes. Do look at the image for yourself!

Below the button fastenings are ties, with a slot for them to overlap and hold the high waist in palce inside the garment. I think they would have been pinned or tied to the stays below.

The bodice is quite tiny, with a high waist of 24", back length of 12", bodice front from one arm seam to another being 14.5". The overlong sleeve underarm seam measures 21.5" [standard underarm length is 18-19"].

A note for potential buyers: Ask me to research a garment and I will spend hours, days, weeks or whatever it takes. Ask me to iron a garment and I give up in minutes. I am hopeless at ironing! This bodice will need a carful ironing when you receive it.


    This bodice is in very good condition for age. Exceptionally white and fresh appearance. Back fastening buttons all present and good with tiny wear. Cuff buttons missing but hand made loops are there, waiting for a button to each. The bodice buttonholes are over-stretched and there are a couple of tiny splits beside two of them. Minor issue. One sleeve is excellent, the other one has a series of small wear holes at the upper section - see photograph. Difficult to see these unless on examination. Ties original and very good.

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