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Vast double pelerine, wonderful embroidery, Circa 1825-35

Vast double pelerine, wonderful embroidery, Circa 1825-35

The Mary Ireland collection - See Blog

This super piece is very similar to the pelerine recently sold, but is even wider and has a double layer. I have given the dates 1825-35 as the approximate date, but because these accessories became larger and more fussy as the Romantic period developed, I would think this one will date to the early 1830's.

Made of very fine muslin, it is embroidered all over each layer and although you see it draped over the shoulders on a mannequin, it would actually have spanned the very wide shoulders of dresses of the time.

The embroidery is superb, with lovely infils. 

Mrs Ireland clearly used it for her exhibitions, so the condition is not quite as good as the first, but it is still beautifully white and fresh. Please read the condition report below.


    Mrs Ireland added 20th Century net to the underside of the top collar. This is unseen to the face of the collar, and she clearly wanted the top part to have a little extra 'body', but the netting will be so simple to remove if you wish.

    Ties at the neck may also be later additions. Not sure about these. 

    The lower centre back edge of the pelerine has an area of very fine darning - amazing skill! Around this area is a modest patch that appears dusty [ as if it has been trodden on!] There are other small darns and very minor wear. One little hole has an orange outline, which will be a spot of stain that has 'melted' the muslin. Please see the photographs. 

    having said this, the whole piece still appears very fresh.

    The front length to pointed centres is 14". Centre back 13". The width is an amazing 36"!

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