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When sleeves were widest - c1829-33 paisley print dress

When sleeves were widest - c1829-33 paisley print dress

Read the blog! Wonderful paisley print late Regency gown, with huge gigot sleeves, at a time when sleeves were at their widest at the top, then amazingly diminished to tight wrists! She came with a pelerine which I am selling individually, because the colours are different, even though the paisley pattern is exactly the same. She would have been worn with a belt or sash [not provided]. Lovely pleated boat neck, tiny high waistband, original pocket slit [sewn over], pleated skirt to the front and tightly gathered to the back - all original and just as it should be. This is for the dress only.

    I would describe this gown as in fair condition - ie: less than good. I am preparing a comprehensive condition report that you must read before buying. Please email me for a copy. The dress has been much repaired and there is more to do. The wool content is, of course far more fragile than the cotton. Luckily, no moth holes! The advantage of this very busy print is that it hides most of the faults, the obvious patch to the back waist will also be covered up when you find the obligatory sash. This print has a sea blue focal colour, while the matching pelerine has a green focal colour. Adorable, but much loved and repaired.

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