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Wow! Vibrant leaf green evening bodice c1848-55 for crinoline - Immaculate!

Wow! Vibrant leaf green evening bodice c1848-55 for crinoline - Immaculate!

The half sketch you see here is taken from the wonderful Nancy Bradfield, 'Costume in Detail 1730-1930' [See Links & Research for full reference] on page 195/1968.

The sketch shows an evening bodice with one of these most dramatic points to the waist, and is just slightly later than the one I have here. This one dates accurately to the late 1840's - 1855.

Now, unfortunately, I cannot get the true colour of this silk satin with my camera despite several attempts. It is the colour that turns the head! It is the most vibrant, vivid mid leaf green, and the thought of it with a crinoline skirt of the same fabric as it would have been originally is mouthwatering!

The bodice would have been made as part of a three piece costume, with day and evening bodices and I think that this one was never worn - it is as immaculate as a Victorian bodice could possibly be!

The central bone going way down past the waist would have required the tightest of corsets to flatten the tummy - it is so unforgiving! I hope that any evening event would not have involved food - the poor young woman would not have been able to eat a thing!

Apart from that, there are two short bones, one to each side, and the hook & eye fastening back is completely plain; apart from an adorable ribbon bow to the centre back waist.

It is all lined in cream glazed cotton and of course, is completely hand sewn, with the usual piping at seamlines.

Now, the simple sleeves still have their original net lining at the edge, and the bodice would have been 'finished' on wearing with a detachable lace bertha collar and little ruched cuffs. [Quite easy to find on Ebay or lace sites]

A superb example of a mid 19th Century bodice in fantastic condition.

You see her on my smallest mannequin with a chest of 30" and a waist of 23". She fastens perfectly, and I have added little 'bust improvers' [not included] to fill in the shape that my mannequin lacks!

  • Condition

    This bodice appears unworn and is in superb antique condition with no faults to mention.

    The colour is far brighter than my photographs show.

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