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Poppies Cottage is Back! [Well, slowly!]

Well, my goodness! After months and months of grumbling and yearning for my old website, gremlins and fraught daughters, I am beginning to enjoy this new format!

AND! I have never had a blog before! Crikey!

These days, I am trying to explore clothing and textiles that I have not examined before. So, there will be a greater price range, from very inexpensive to very rare. As usual, I will always try to discover the 'story' behind the piece.

Can you believe this? I am also starting to use Twitter! You can find me @poppiescottage1

Whether you have visited Poppies Cottage for years, or whether you are new to this small Virtual Department Store, you are most welcome. Readers and contributers are a thrill, even if you never buy a thing!

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