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Condition photographs of the straw work Regency hat, c1800-1810

This amazing early Regency turban style hat is selling in the Department Store right now, but photographs are limited, so I want you to see that it is fragile, and probably best for restoration.

As I explained in the description, I do have a list of UK textile conservation centres provided by the National Trust, that I am happy to send to you.

The hat is quite stable when stuffed firmly but gently with tissue or a head block. However, once the stuffing is removed, one can feel how fragile it is without support.

As I have said in the sale, the entire piece is amazingly clean and fresh in appearance, including the ribbon work, but the straw has snapped in several places, most importantly around the brim in three key areas.

The straw work is supported with wire, which seems to all be still in place.

These photographs are taken from different angles of the same damage, so do look at the photographs of the good parts, in the Store description!

Thank you for looking!

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